Always Natural, Never Artificial

Starting from the beginning helps us to ensure our own special delicate flavour. Never.25 produce their own base spirit from local grains blended with different seasonal fruits.

The wheat is certified organic and collected by hand from a hill farm just outside of St Andrews. The barley is collected from farms all over Scotland and malted in Alloa, again its bagged and collected by hand. Local farms have been very supportive with the fruit supply and only the finest and fullest of flavour is chosen. Again its carefully selected and collected by hand. Local estates with apples have been very kind to offer their windblown apples in October.

The grains take a lot of preparation being finely ground to the perfect size to release the natural starches. This is done in 75kg batches at a time.

The fruit takes careful preparation to remove unwanted leaves, stems and stones and being cut to size to release the flavours.