April 2018

What an incredible month! Kecia and Mary are over the moon with the feedback we have received from top retailers, customers and friends about our Eau de Vie range. 

This month the Never.25 team worked hard to really push the message of Eau de Vie, helping people understand our product, story and our ambition. The month began with the official opening of our online shop.  Next, we were at the Failte Fayre in Edinburgh further spreading the story of Never.25 Eau de Vie. 

Our next big event was NEC Food and Drink Show in Birmingham, connecting with distributors and online retailers. This event was instrumental in prioritising the progression of Never.25 and looking forward to the future of our brand. We are working towards creating a family of bottles in different sizes.  We want to help you select your favourite flavour and opening our brand into a range of bottles sizes will help us fulfil that ambition. 

Following the NEC Food and Drink Show, we met with Grill 48 and Bar in Dunfermline who now showcasing Never.25 in their Cocktail Trail this Saturday, (5th May 2018).  Never.25 Eau de Vie is also being showcased in a Gin flight at St. Andrews Brewing Co. - - -wait a minute - - - a Gin flight?  St. Andrews Brewing Company have switched up their Gin flight offering Never.25 as an alternative ! !  We also had a fantastic tasting day at Balgove Larder and are looking forward to being part of their Night Market in June.

We also had the inaugural Challenge 25 Cocktail Competition which took place, last Wednesday in Bos’n, Aberdeen.   Check out our next blog post to hear about the amazingly talented bartenders who competed ! !