North Hop 2018 - Our first event!

Last weekend, Tayport Distillery showcased the Never.25 Eau de Vie range at the North Hop, the newest spirit to join Scotland's food and drink family! Surrounded by great distilleries and brewerie's, we had a great weekend with hundreds stopping by to talk to us. 

We were over the moon to hear that The Clover House, featuring Never.25's Raspberry flavour Eau de Vie, was the most popular cocktail of the weekend! Not only that, but the response from visitors to the Never.25 stand was extremely humbling and supportive. Our mission was to help gin lovers and whiskey drinkers to approach Never.25 and not be afraid to try something new. This was achieved, with Raspberry and our special edition Blueberry flavours being among the most favoured of the weekend. 

At Tayport Distillery, we have full control over everything we put into our bottle  producing our own base spirit and infusing with Angus and Fife's finest fruit.

The feedback received from all visitors is incredibly invaluable, and helps us to perfect and enhance flavours bringing you the perfect spirit to put on your back shelf. 

Here is a wee video for you to remind us of the amazing time we had at the North Hop:

If you purchased a bottle at North Hop and are looking for ways to drink you can find some complex serves on the website or just email us ( for some simple ones to whip out at home after a hard day's work! 

Better yet, why not create your own and email us your creations and let us know your thoughts on your new purchase?!