Scottish Fruit Spirit

Surrounded by amazing fruits and grains we wanted to create a truly authentic Scottish drink that we could be proud of. Inspired by the growing craft movement and success of the whisky industry we felt that there was room for another product using the finest local ingredients. Not another Gin or Whisky but a spirit that will hold its own.  Our drink is a modern take of a traditional european drink known as Eau De Vie. Many years ago Eau De Vie was produced using the left over fruits in rural areas using traditional stills.  Tayport Distillery has taken this process one step further, using the finest Scottish fruit combined with innovative distillation methods to produce a smooth and delicate Eau De Vie. 

Never harsh, always refined

Our goal was to create a spirit that not only tasted of fruit but was so intensely fruity, it would remind us of the fields around the distillery which burst abundantly with berries in summer.  

Our Never.25  is all natural, made in tiny batches from scratch, with fresh fruit and absolutely no added sugars. 

Never.25 can truly claim to be craft produced, all the grains and fruit selected by hand. We collect our grains and fruit by hand and do it all - from 'field to glass'. The secret to our spirit is in the hands of our distiller learning by trial and error, and refining by instinct.

Amazing fruit infusion

We carefully marry the base spirit and the fruit flavours together to create the final drink. Unlike traditional Eau De Vie we have developed a process which retains as much of the natural fruit flavours as possible. In each run over 50kgs of fresh fruit are introduced to our base spirit to soak and slowly extract the fruit juices.

Never.25 is an amazing new drink from the craft distilling world. It has already received high praise from leading cocktail bars in Aberdeen, Dundee, Broughty Ferry and Edinburgh for its taste and versatility.